And The Award Goes To …

So, it’s not exactly an Academy Award but I did get invited for the on campus interview for the position I interviewed for in January!

It all came about quite unexpectedly, as I feel these things tend to. For the last six weeks or so, I have been forcing an answer. I have been trying to make things happen on my timeline. I can feel the Universe smiling and laughing (lovingly, of course) because nothing ever happens on our timeline. There is a greater force at play, moving and shaping and creating the circumstances that will allow us to blossom and thrive as we take our next steps … even if we don’t think it’s happening.

And that is what has been happening for me.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been experiencing several things that have given me a bigger and deeper understanding of how I desire to live my days. The details aren’t important right now. These experiences were given to me so I could truly take a look at how I was living my life and really decide if that is how I wanted to keep going. Little by little I’m implementing tools and techniques that are grounding, healing and so supportive.

I’ve also been practicing the art of letting go.

Yesterday, I was in Reiki session with a gifted practitioner, Brooke, (you can schedule a session with her here) and as she was working her magic, she said “the theme of letting go is coming up for me”. I smiled because she was picking up on the energy that I have been focusing on cultivating–the art of letting go. I surrendered to the Reiki energy, I felt the waves of calm and peace wash over me, and I anchored into my being the energy of letting go.

The session finished and I checked my phone for any messages. Low and behold there it was. A voicemail and an e-mail inviting me to the second round of interviews at the local college. The art of letting go. I stopped grasping. I stopped trying to make this a reality on my schedule. And, I am learning that the more you let go of the timing, the more peaceful your journey will be.

I’m full of excitement and awe for this next experience.

As I practice the art of letting go, I’m guided more fully into the present moment. I’m letting go of all the details that would need to be figured out if I get offered the job. That’s totally putting the cart before the horse! And I’m focusing on being in the energy of possibility and hope. I’m also using this time to get very clear on what I desire and what I don’t. Sometimes, the only way to know what you do want is to be faced with what you don’t want. And, I’m deepening into trust. Because, “what hasn’t reached  you yet, will reach you in time. If it’s yours.”

My interview is all day on March 7. Yes! All day! Breakfast through dinner, with a presentation, too! I’m excited for this experience and I welcome all good vibes!