Another’s Journey

Earlier this year, I received a wave of inspiration and re-purposed some prior content, and shared my Trust Your Path Coaching Circle with my community. Coincidentally, the day before was the 4-year anniversary of the creation The New Firm, the first iteration of my coaching business, and the last day the website would be active. Upon reflection, it is divinely timed. As I let go of one thing, another beautiful thing came in to fill up that space.

The Trust Your Path Coaching Circle has sparked a beautiful flow of thoughts and ideas. The entire point of the Coaching Circle is to create a powerful and nurturing space to allow others to learn to trust their own path.

In learning to trust my own path, I struggled with honoring and embracing my own journey versus trying to re-create someone else’s. Let me illustrate. Recently, I have been witnessing a wonderful woman’s transformational journey. She lost a significant amount of weight by committing to her beloved spin cycle. Instantly, my mind saw her results (which I want) and saw the spin cycle (which I don’t have) and thought, “if only I had that cycle, I could have those results”.

I researched cycles. I almost bought one. Then, I paused.

Last night, sitting in the energy of the Coaching Circle and what she will become, I realized how powerful it is to “want another’s journey” or, honestly, their results. I realized that some may look at my own journey and say, “if only I join the Coaching Circle I can have her results.”

Here’s the honest trust: you will never have my results. Never, ever, ever.


Because you are you. Uniquely beautiful, powerful, incredible YOU.

(not me).

And that’s where I kinda battle with how to “market” and all that jazz. We only see what we want to see, we only see the highlight reel, and we only see the results of a long, bumpy, scary, hard, joyful, blissful journey. I’ve fallen into that habit of thinking, “wow, if only I buy this or sign up for that then I’ll have what she/he has”. I’ve purchased every program, vitamin, face cream, and late-night product you can imagine, and you know what? Most of them haven’t worked because I created this idea in my mind that by purchasing the thing I would become like them.

Inspiration is one thing. To look at someone’s actual journey (not just their results) and be inspired, ignited, and motivated to move and grow. To sit in their energy when the days are hard and you want to quit, to use their results to make you feel like it is possible to achieve what you desire to achieve in your own life.

The difference that you have to understand and honor is this:

are you using another’s journey to ignite your own path or because you wish you were someone else?

This is the sticking point. This is how you will ignite positive change that is geared toward supporting you to become your absolute best self. If you wish to be someone else, to have their results, to have their experience, you will struggle. Trust me. I’ve been there. And I’ve struggled, too. Perhaps it comes with getting older (hello 40!) or finally reaching a point where I look in the mirror and see a beautiful soul blessed with the privilege of living this life, or a bit of both, but I see and feel things differently now.

In some ways, this may feel like a “marketing” post for the Coaching Circle (perhaps coming again in the future), and maybe it is. But my honest truth is that the moment I started to slightly trust my own path, that’s when things began to change. And it’s a path that leads you on a journey. A journey to honor your beautiful soul, your beautiful (hard, sad, lovely, messy, and everything in between) experiences, and to step fully into that person you are meant to be.

For me, that journey began the moment I started to trust my path. Are you ready to start trusting yours?