Be Honest With Yourself

Be honest with yourself.

I’ve been repeating these words to myself constantly since I heard them at my yoga class.

Be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself.

To “be” means to exist, to occur, to take place. To be “honest” means a refusal to lie. To be “yourself” means to be you personally.

To be honest with yourself means to exist personally refusing to lie. This feels like a very powerful and almost impossible way to live. What feels impossible about this task, that of existing personally refusing to lie, is that it requires us to be 100% honest with ourselves. It requires us to be our authentic selves. Yes, I recognize that this sounds like a circular argument, and it likely is; however, the only way to be honest with ourselves is to take a good, hard look in the mirror and become aware of and then accept our Truth.

This feels really scary. The Truth feels daunting and overwhelming and just plain hard. And yes, I can see the pull towards staying safely within our perceived reality, doing what others want us to do. This feels safe, it feels comfortable, it feels known. I challenge you, though, to consider how you choose to live your life. In the words of Marianne Williamson:

“It takes courage . . . to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery, rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” 

I’m summoning all my courage right now to share the evolution of my Truth with you.

For years (decades!) I’ve done what I am supposed to do. It felt safe and I felt rewarded whenever I followed the rules. As a child, the expectations placed upon me were simple: go to school, do your work, come home on time, and always call when you get where you are going (with a landline no less!). Though I was doing exactly what I was supposed to, I also had a lot of time to just be me. I would draw, write, listen to music, spend time with friends, play sports I enjoyed, and rest. The real world had not yet found me.

Then, accomplishment and acquisition became central themes in my life. I let go of art and writing and playing sports in order to become someone (a lawyer) and acquire a corner office and a huge salary. Bit by bit, the real world and all its power were creating a new truth for me: I needed degrees, recognition, money, and power to be accepted. It was no longer safe to be me.

And that’s when things started to become quite dramatic. My anxiety rose, I couldn’t sleep, and my confidence dissipated into thin air (think of a balloon leaking air until it’s all gone). I questioned everything about myself, EVERYTHING. I could not accept a compliment. My work suffered. I switched jobs multiple time. I struggled with my identity because (to quote my Angel Sister) “I don’t know who I am in this job and I don’t know who I am without this job.”  I cried and slept and cried and ate. I had lost the joy of life. (Dra-ma-tic, with a capital D.)

Several years later, and in perfect timing, I came across this beautiful soul in a Facebook group. I was drawn to her beauty and that je ne sais qua factor that just poured out of her. I literally became obsessed. I was drawn to her message in ways I cannot explain and when she announced her first ever Mastermind, I knew I had to be a part of it. I recall filling out the application on my iPhone, in the car, over Christmas, because it was the only place I had cell service.

And then, the floodgates opened.

There are no words to capture everything I have experienced in this Mastermind . . . and we aren’t even halfway done! But in this moment of my personal evolution and growth, it is imperative that I share my Truth with all of you. Why? Because I am here to be of service. I am here to share my gifts. I am here to support you in your evolution. And because . . . how can I help you share your Truth if I haven’t shared mine?

Deep inhale.

Gabriela’s Truth

:: I want to swim naked in the ocean.
:: I want to dance barefoot in the moonlight.
:: I want to ride a horse.
:: I want to play with crystals and oils and incense.
:: I want to talk to Angels and Spirits and Ascended Masters.
:: I want to be a Divine channel through which women heal through music, voice, meditation, love, crystals, oils, and any other goodness that exists.
:: I want to drop down on my knees and cry about the magnificent things that exist in this world that were created by God.
:: I want to wake up to yoga and rest my head at night to meditation.
:: I want to pray.
:: I want to write about all the beautiful and mystical and magical things that exist in this world and beyond.
:: I want to love other humans (like YOU) so wholeheartedly and deeply and with every cell in my being that I feel like I will explode.
:: I want to be present and live each moment with beauty, grace, and ease.
:: I want to laugh and cry and let out a fart because I can’t control anything because I’m in the most blissful state possible (and mostly likely pee myself a little because after two babies, hey, it happens).
:: I want to experience the most restorative and healing sleep every night and dance with the Angels in a parallel Universe in my dreams.
:: I want to feel EVERYTHING deeply: love, sadness, and everything in between.
:: I want to stand in my Truth as spelled out above and shine with love everywhere I go.
:: I want to create and co-create and teach and learn and grow on my own and in sisterhood.
:: I want to dance with fire.
:: I want to wear things that make me feel like an Angel.
:: I want to bow to the sun, the moon, and the stars.
:: I want to see everyone as their Higher Self.
:: I want to teach others to embrace their calling, what is in their hearts, so they too can share their gifts with the world.
:: I want to be ME.

Deep exhale.

That was scary, but you know what? I’m still here. I’m still alive and I’m freer than ever before. Perhaps you will love who I am and perhaps you won’t. Whichever way you go, it’s all ok because that is getting you closer to your Truth and I honor you.

Today, my friends, I shared my Truth with you. It is ever evolving, but my manifesto above is rapidly becoming the foundation by which I live my life and by which I serve others.

When we let go of that which no longer serves us, we create space for new, miraculous things to enter our lives. This is based in science and logic: when you discard the junk, you free up space for new things (think of that overstuffed kitchen drawer or junk shelf in the garage). And now I know, with the utmost certainty, that this is the way to invite miracles into your life.

Be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself.

And, I’ll be here witnessing the miraculous transformations that you will be inviting into your life. (I feel like a Namaste is necessary here. ♥) Namaste.

In eternal awe of you,

[the much lighter and freer]

Gabriela | The New Firm

PS:  Oh, and in case it needs to be spelled out, I no longer singularly identify myself as a lawyer.  Yippee!

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