Discipline + Focus = Success!

Last week, I wrote a post about discipline + focus.

I shared the post in the online and was excited to see the response! People are intrigued. People want to know more. People want the formula to implement this in their own life. You got it!

First, let’s ground in a bit and bring in the energy of the Oyster.

The Oyster exudes focus and determination. Whenever she puts her mind and heart into something, she achieves it with grace and charm. Discipline + focus is her formula for revealing her inner treasures and living her life purpose.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Visualize the stunning Oyster and her energy. Breathe it in. Soak in this energy until you feel it fill up your heart. Feels good, right?

Next, let’s dive deep into what we need to know about the energies around discipline + focus.

This wisdom comes to you from my own personal Akashic Records. It’s quite powerful, indeed!

So, what do we need to know?

My Records share as follows: “Discipline + focus will be a practice. It is not a one-time thing. It involves diligence and persistence, and just as vital, compassion for those days when discipline + focus are just out of your reach. Routines, schedules and love and compassion are two sides of the same coin. You are human, always evolving, always practicing, perfect in your imperfection, which means there will be days when your worldly concerns will take you away from your pre-meditated routine. Hold yourself in love and compassion, be in the moment of what is actually happening, not what should happen and allow for flexibility.”

I told you this was good stuff!

Let’s continue.  “Schedules are a really good thing. They can feel so scary and constricting, but it truly is the ultimate expression of honor and integrity. You have a desire, an objective. You honor your day, your energy levels, and commitments, you place each piece in it’s spot, yes that includes rest and play, and love and food, watch your day open up when all is in it’s place!”

My Record Keepers know that I love examples. My husband knows that I love to share examples, so here’s an example for you!

“Isn’t it easier to find a utensil you need when the drawer or cupboard is organized? Think of that the same as your time. When each cup is in it’s place, all you have to do is reach for it and you will be able to carry out your intended objective. If you search for it for 15-20 minutes you’ll forget why you started looking in the first place!”

Agreed, Record Keepers, agreed.

I love this conversation so much. Discipline + focus used to be my allies. They used to be my secret weapons. Now, they are back in my toolbox and I’m so excited!

How will you (re)introduce discipline + focus into your life? Let me know by reaching out!