Trust Your Path

Do you trust your path?

Do I know how to trust my path?

I recently had an experience where I allowed myself to fully feel the magnificence of all I’ve created since the beginning of 2016. I shared it in a Facebook post with so much excitement, humility and awe at the power we have to create our own realities, if and when we have the courage to trust our paths.

For a moment I thought that trusting my own path was something I developed over the last two years of immersive personal expansion and growth. And to an extent, it was. And then again, it is something that I’ve always known how to do … although I haven’t always exercised it.

Trusting your path takes courage.

When everyone is going left and your gut says to turn right, it takes courage to listen. When society ‘says go to college’, and your heart says, ‘go to Europe’, it takes courage to listen. When your professor says you can’t paint, yet your soul feels alive in front of a canvas, it takes courage to listen.

It takes courage to trust your path.

What I have learned is that we have ALL trusted our paths at some point in our lives. Some of us simply do it more than others. And some of us just need a little encouragement along the way.

I used to be really good at trusting my path. My intuition was my ally, and by trusting it, I created some incredible experiences for myself (including traveling in Australia for a month right after college!)

At some point, external validation became more valuable to me than trusting my own intuition. I started to prize what others would think or say about me over my own thoughts and ideas.

And, I started to think that I was wrong for doing so.

You know, I judged myself for being so externally focused. I belittled myself for not being stronger or more spiritual or more confident. And then, it hit me.

By judging myself I was not trusting my path.

Every single experience, whether it felt good or not, whether it was uber spiritual or totally externally focused … was and is part of my path.

The moment I realized what it means to truly trust my path, my entire path, I started to see how beautiful designed my life is. And that is nothing short of a miracle.

Do I know how to trust my path?

Yes. I can now say with totally certainty that I know how to trust my path. Through beautifully aligned support, self-reflection and a willingness to understand how to live a joyous life (as defined by me, and only me), I summoned up the courage to listen to my intuition and trust every single step of my path.

And hot damn, I’m so glad I did!