Good morning, Sunshine!

Mondays. Blegh.

Who thought Mondays were a good idea?

Trust me, for more days than I care to admit, this what definitely my attitude. It usually started on Sundays (#sundaynightblues) and always crept into Mondays. I would snooze my alarm as many times as I could and then dash into a mad frenzy to get everything (and everyone) ready for the workweek.

There have been times in my life when I have loved Monday. Definitely when I’m on vacation. And, usually, after I start a new job. But what I’ve noticed is that the feeling of loving Monday is fleeting and tied to a new experience. It is the continuous love of Mondays that seems to escape me.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. In fact, this idea of “Loving Mondays Again” was and continues to be the backbone of The New Firm.

The question that I keep asking myself is: why? Why do we hate Mondays? Why do we, as a society, make bad jokes about Monday and despise its existence? A quick search on Google shows us all kinds of images and memes (many including Garfield) talking about how terrible Mondays are.

But here’s the really cool thing. There are actually memes talking positively about Monday. Imagine that! Inspiration to help us love Mondays!

I think I am finally (finally!) starting to understand the difference between loving and hating Mondays. When we rely on something or someone else to make us love Monday, then that external thing can just as easily make us hate it. If we rely on our jobs to make us love Mondays, what happens when we have a tough day? If we rely on our partner/spouse/friend/parent/child to make us love Mondays, what happens if they are in a bad mood?

In order to change the energy of Mondays, we need to change it within ourselves. We need to create the energy we want to embody and be firmly grounded in that energy. If we can do that, for ourselves, then it won’t matter (as much) what is going on around us.

So how can you change this for yourself? Find something you love doing and create a Monday Morning Ritual. Perhaps it’s getting up early and having a hot (!) cup of coffee or tea before your household wakes up. Perhaps it is doing your favorite exercise routine or reading a few pages of your book or journaling. Perhaps meditation or yoga is more your thing. Can you wake up a few minutes early and gift yourself that space?

I am not a morning person. But this week I committed to waking up early on Monday (4:50 am!) to create space with others who are looking to love Mondays again. We met on Zoom at 5:15 am and meditated together. We set an intention for how we want to feel and show up that I know will carry us through the week with hope, joy, and grace.

So there you have it. My thoughts on how we can change the energy around Mondays. I’m so looking forward to seeing how you will love Mondays again!

In awe of you,