Good Vibes Only, Please

Today is Monday.

This post will go live on Tuesday, right about the time I step into the interview for this neat position at a local University.

I’m writing it now because I want to ask anyone who reads this to send me the most beautiful, positive energy you can. I’ll take well-wishes, smiley faces and anything else you wish to send my way. So light it up friends!

Good vibes only, please. <3

This weekend, I spent time preparing for my interview. In addition to looking up all seven (yes, 7!) people that make up the Hiring Committee (I sent them hand-written notes last week!), I also looked at their website and read every single page, taking notes as needed. I found the manual that the University provides to international students and read that, too. I also did additional research to brush up on some of the immigration related parts of the job. Hello USCIS! It’s been a while!

I even asked my dear friend (who is a former international student) questions about her experience. And tonight, I’m going to do a beautiful Kundalini Yoga meditation called “Making the Impossible, Possible”. Tomorrow, my husband will take the kids to school in the morning so I can spend some time getting ready. I’m creating the space and dedicating it to this position. It’s like royalty coming to visit. I’m making all the preparations, honoring it’s importance in my life right now and enjoying every moment of it!

And even though I’m doing all of this to prepare, there is no guarantee that I will be selected for the second interview or, ultimately, for the job. And as a result of that, the only way to approach this interview is to continue giving it everything I have and letting go of the outcome. I feel ready and,

I’m also very nervous.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my mind likes (and needs!) to race, considering every scenario and possibility. So, off it goes again … will I be dressed properly? Will I say something silly? What if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to? What if the internet doesn’t work (the interview is on Zoom)? What if … what if … what if …? Remember, I haven’t done this in over two years. Just like riding a bike, right?

I asked another dear friend if she had any advice for me on how to approach an interview in academia. Her words were extremely encouraging and uplifting. She said “just be YOU…you are so good at connecting with people on a real level. Just be you and do that. If that doesn’t the do the job, the job wasn’t for you!”

I’m holding those words close to heart. In my cover letter I was ME. In each note I sent to the Hiring Committee, I was ME. When I interview, I will be ME. And in being ME, I’m doing the absolute best I can in that very moment. And I’ve done this enough times to also know that the last bit of her advice is so true, “if that doesn’t do the job, the job wasn’t for you!”

So, wish me luck! Send me positive vibes. Think of me as I interview for this position. And, help me continue trusting that the absolute best outcome for all involved is the only outcome. So, it’s all so, so good!

Deep breath and here we go! Good vibes only, please!

I’ll see you on the other side.