Hello, It’s So Nice to Be Here Again

It truly is amazing what can unfold when you allow yourself to process what you are feeling. There were times in my life when I would set myself up on Sunday evenings with a journal, pen, a candle, and some space. This beautiful ritual helped me process so much of what was going on around me when I was in my formative years. Later in life, I abandoned this practice in favor of experiencing college life, and then working life, and then mom-life … but today, I am so happy to be here again.

As I was thinking about what to write today, I thought about going back and trying to recreate what I was feeling or thinking about at various points over the last two-plus years. The last post I shared on this site is from December 2019. Well, we all know that A LOT has happened since then. The reason why I initially thought I wanted to do that was a bit egotistical — I did not want to admit that there was a two-plus year gap between posts on this, my business website.

That little voice in my heart instantly reminded me to be authentic and honest. The truth is I have been growing through what I have been going through and The New Firm holds the imprints of that growth.

Yes, this is the first post in over two years. Yes, I completely shut down this site in early 2020 (before the pandemic hit) because she no longer felt in alignment. Yes, I created not one but two different sites between then and now, desperately trying to prove to myself (and the world) who I am, who I have become, who I want to be. And yes, The New Firm is back with the promise of being more in alignment than ever before.

I’m not 100% sure I remember everything that has happened over the last two years. It truly felt like surviving … there was no room to thrive. I fought with surrender on a daily basis,  unable to let go of the fear that consumed me or the control that I felt I had so little of. I leaned on meditation some days, wine others, texts with good friends (daily), naps, tears, hugs, Netflix, and … my journal and pen. I also worked with some amazing women to help me process one of the biggest (and most recent) career transitions of my life.

Whenever I engage in deep, meaningful, inner work, I am always in awe of the amazing information that reveals itself. Some of it feels fresh and new, but usually, it comes through as a subtle confirmation of what I have always known. As I re-evaluated my world, my work, and my purpose, I clearly saw that The New Firm is everything I want to build in this world: a safe, nurturing sanctuary for professionals who feel like there is something more that they need to get curious about. The New Firm no longer feels restrictive as it did in 2020. She feels like a container where I can share my story, my evolution, and my work (all of it!) in the hopes that it will inspire others to continue growing and aligning to their true nature.

The New Firm was (and is) a complete labor of love. She came to me in 2015 as a gift. A place where I could learn how to take a good look at myself and fall in love with myself all over again, all through being of service to others. She came to me as a memorialization of my past and a glimpse of my future. She came to me as a friend, a therapist, a motivator, and a creator and for that, I thank her dearly.

So today, March 8, 2022 – a number that perhaps has some significant meaning that may be revealed to me soon – I am honored to be in this space, with you, again.

Welcome to The New Firm.
You are about to start Loving Mondays again.

(PS: The New Firm is in the process of being updated. So, some links won’t work and some information is outdated.
But that’s ok. It just means that you will grow along with me, with The New Firm as our guide.)