“May Your New Ideas Feel Like Sunrise”

Summer Solstice, 2022

I had the opportunity to experience a really beautiful ceremony on the Summer Solstice with a group called New World Women (learn about them here and read the current newsletter here).

A group of over 100 women gathered together at 5:15 am at Kinstone Megalithic Gardens just outside of Fountain City, Wisconsin. It was early and it was hot, however, that did not stop everyone from gathering together to honor this official change in the seasons.

We were surrounded by so much natural beauty as we listened to a beautiful violin serenade and watched the sun slowly rise before us. A beautiful invocation was shared and it reminded me of how fortunate we are to be alive right now. It also reminded me that just as the sun rises, it also sets. Just as we feel warmth, we will feel cool. That no matter what is happening to us, it will be ok.

When I think about all the years I spent dreading Monday mornings, I feel so grateful that I did not give up on myself. I feel so grateful that I took proactive steps (crawled some days!) towards remembering who I am, what I love, and how I want to spend my days.

Careers are a huge part of how we spend our days, at least for most people I know. And, our work environments and cultures directly impact our overall health and wellbeing. If we are unhappy or stressed at our jobs, that carries over into our personal lives; at least it does for me.

On that Summer Solstice day, watching the sunrise, surrounded by so much hope, possibility, and peace, I smiled at just how blessed I was to be standing there. And, I know that I was standing there because I did not give up. Because I decided one day a long time ago to always bet on myself.

Friend, I share this message because I want YOU to decide to bet on YOU, always. Your value is not determined by your title, salary, or entries on a resume. And if you have ever been made to feel less than, unimportant, or like you and your work don’t matter (especially in a workplace) then I send a HUGE hug your way.

And, I also send you the courage, wisdom, and energy to start taking any step in any direction towards a Monday full of possibility, hope, peace, and purpose . . . because you deserve nothing less. And as you evaluate your next idea, your next move, or your next career, I hope that it feels like a beautiful sunrise.