Podcast Ep. Five | Morgan Hamel

From the moment we met on a couch in L.A., I knew that we’d be a part of each other’s lives, and dreams, for a long time to come.

We’ve shared so many dreams and goosebumps together. I’m in awe of her courage, vision, integrity, and heart. She’s found her path, sharing her voice and vision in a refreshingly authentic and inspiring way.

She’s beat the odds, not once but twice, because of her ability to hold the vision of her ideal life with such heart and beautiful tenacity. The lessons she’s learned have carried her in the creation of her third baby, The Garment, a brand that empowers women all over the world to take responsibility for their wardrobes, and the creation of the lives they desire.

It doesn’t have to be all in, in terms of  what your day-to-day looks like, in order to be all in in terms of that bigger vision.

Morgan Hamel

Tune in to Episode Five of Dreamer to Creator | The Podcast to listen to Morgan’s incredible story of creating the life of her dreams.

To learn more about Morgan, please visit:

TedX Talk: https://tedxyyc.ca/talk/morgan-hamel/

LinkedIn: Morgan Hamel – President – MH Partners Inc. | LinkedIn

Website: https://www.morganhamel.com/