The Practice of Discipline + Focus

Let’s get practical about discipline + focus.

When you are first developing your new routine or schedule, Ego will want to hold you back. The antidote is to invite love and compassion to the party and the accompanying practical step is to create reminders of what your commitment to discipline and focus can create.

What has your discipline + focus allowed you to create?

After my meditation, I received a clear image of how to apply the concept of discipline + focus into my daily life: create visual reminders of it’s power.

I was taken back to a time in my life when I diligently harnessed the creative power of discipline + focus to create incredible things.

I started to take a mental note of them, and now I’m memorializing them here for the collective benefit:

::  Achieved the highest grade in my 2nd grade Spanish social studies class;
::  Got elected into the National Honor Society;
::  Raised my SAT scores by 100 points;
::  Got accepted to all the colleges I applied to, including the college of my dreams;
::  Created a dream, month-long vacation to Australia during a time when I earned $10 per hour;
::  Graduated law school with a position at a top law firm in Minneapolis; corner office and all!

This list is powerful. This list is inspiring. This list is motivating.

This list is only a short reminder of everything I have accomplished in my life when I have intentionally harnessed the creative power of discipline + focus. As I typed out this list, I felt my confidence grow. I felt my heart expand. I felt my Ego shrink. I felt my true power as a creator. I felt my deep desire for you to experience the same.

Harnessing the creative power of discipline + focus takes practice.

Create a visual reminder somewhere in your home or office or car of your commitment and desire for discipline + focus. Yes, a reminder of your future desire (i.e., lose 20 lbs by summer), but more powerfully, a reminder of something you accomplished in the past when you practiced discipline + focus on a regular basis.

Then, practice, refine, and practice some more. Eventually, just like brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, learning your career skills or mastering calculus, it will become second nature. You will become an expert at harnessing the creative power of discipline + focus to create amazing things in your life!

Let me know what you have created in your life through the practice of discipline + focus. I’d love to know!

Photo Credit:  Athena Pelton