Podcast Ep. Four | Rachel Fishman

Oh boy.

I’m not sure I could love this woman more.

She came into my life through a beautiful sisterhood and mastermind called Angels of Intuition. And now, I’m never letting her go!

She’s creative. She’s authentic. She’s got the biggest heart and a smile that lights up the world. She’s moved through challenges by being incredibly true to who she is, even when it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Through acknowledging and accepting invitations to really look at herself, she’s healed herself.

She uses her incredible creative + intuitive gifts to guide people through their own healing and creative journeys, and helps them discover their own spiritual bottom lines.

If you do not internalize the wisdom and understand how you can use it to move your own healing, then what does it matter?

 – Rachel Fishman

Tune in to Episode Four of Dreamer to Creator | The Podcast to listen to Rachel’s beautiful wisdom.

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