Here’s the Red Herring . . .

In law school, I learned about the concept of a ‘red herring’.

A red herring is an issue that seems important at first glance, but takes you down an unnecessary road. In other words, a time waster.

Sometimes, we can place our discipline + focus on tasks that don’t produce any tangible results. As we continue our practice of harnessing the creative power of discipline + focus, I invite you to become aware of those ‘red herrings’ that serve only to distract and be gentle with yourself as you unearth the objectives and tasks that will move you forward.

Allow your heart to guide your activities, yet be gentle when you discover a ‘red herring’.

Allow your heart to guide those activities that will receive your gift of discipline + focus. And here is where you will need an extra dose of love and compassion as you explore, with a curious and open heart, for that shoe that fits. Play around with the goals, play around with the tasks. Keep practicing discipline + focus.

Allow some red herrings if they serve to move you forward. Perhaps a red herring appears to show you what doesn’t work. Be mindful when a task becomes a time waster. Ask yourself, is this task moving my business/career/life forward? If the answer is no, ditch that red herring and move on!

You will lose discipline + focus if you dislike what you are doing.

You will lose discipline + focus if your objective or task becomes a should or an obligation. Be curious. Stay open. Ask questions. Explore. See how your body and heart feel as you practice discipline + focus. Then ask, do I really dislike it or is it just the growing pains of expansion?

Be honest. Hold your truth. Practice discipline + focus with CrossFit if that feels good to you. Do Kundalini yoga if that lights up your soul. Hold your discipline + focus in a light of compassion and love, and THRIVE!

Image Credit:  Pinterest