Si Se Puede | Yes You Can

Si Se Puede.

Yes You Can.

I recently purchased this beautiful, ethically made, shirt from Haute Hope for a few reasons: 1) it’s really cute, 2) I love supporting beautiful causes, and 3) it represents exactly what I’ve always stood for.

You may not know this, but, I am a retired immigration attorney. I don’t talk about this too often because immigration is a topic that stirs up a lot of controversy and usually, un-researched opinions. But what few tend to acknowledge is that immigration is also full of hope and possibility, and that’s what drew me to that practice.

Si Se Puede means Yes You Can.

It’s a message we often forget. It’s a message that is full of hope and possibility. The very notion that, at any moment, you can change your life. As I wear this shirt, I am reminded of the hundreds of incredible clients I served during my tenure as an immigration attorney, and of the countless clients I serve today.

To this end, I wear this shirt proudly because:

The message is simple and clear:

Yes You Can.

And might I add, you will.

So inspired by YOU. Everyday.

Thank you!!!!


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