Sorry for spamming you

Hi. I’m Gabriela. And I’ve spammed you before.

Let’s clear the air here.

At some point over the last few years, you probably received a message from me saying something like, “hey! it’s been a while, like 18 years, how are you? Great! Let me tell you about this amazing product that has totally changed my life!”

The response was usually … nothing.

Although some of you were kind enough to say hi back, and, I do appreciate that. And through the lens of time, I also appreciate those of you who didn’t write back.

And today I want to say that I am sorry for spamming you.

I am. And, I’m not. What’s that hashtag? #sorrynotsorry? Yeah, that’s the one.

Here’s why.

A few years ago, I was desperate. I mean, really desperate. Sundays were horrible. I couldn’t sleep, my anxiety would start to kick in sometime after breakfast … oh no, tomorrow is M-O-N-D-A-Y. I would spell it out because somehow I couldn’t bring myself to say that dreaded word. It was a cycle that, of course, happened every week. Friday would be awesome, Saturday would be fun, and Sunday was awful. Let’s not even talk about M-O-N-D-A-Y.

Then, after my daughter was born, I wanted to lose weight. And, as luck would have it, a dear friend had “just the product for me!”

I drank the Kool-Aid. And it felt good. Damn good.

I was drunk on possibility. I could see, touch, and feel the potential.

And so, I went for it.

I listened to every expert, read every book, participated in every training, and yes, you guessed it, messaged 10-20 people a day to excitedly share about this amazing new product I’ve been using!

(Note: I love direct sales companies. I love that they stand for possibility, personal growth, and most importantly, they give people hope. I’m being comical in this post to, well, be comical.)

Did I make millions? Nope.

Did I win an all expenses paid trip for all my efforts? Nope.

Did I build a huge team and help them change their lives? Nope.

And guess what?

It’s ok that I didn’t. It’s actually perfect that I didn’t.

And here’s why:

Did I start to believe in possibility again? Yep.

Did I experience some incredible opportunities? Yep.

Did I exponentially expand my network of inspiring people? Yep.

Did I gain momentum to figure out my next steps? Yes sir!

Did I get myself out of a rut? HELL YES!

Your path will look different than mine. Perhaps your path doesn’t include joining a direct sales company or working with a coach.

However, I will say this:

The New Firm

And THAT is what direct sales did for me. It got me to do something different. It got me to make mistakes (like sending messages to people I never even spoke to in college! doh!) so that I could get to know myself again. It opened doors and windows and let the fresh air in. It got me to believe in possibility again. It got me to grow and expand (and yes that can hurt sometimes!) in ways I never expected or thought possible.

It allowed me to start trusting my path.

Are you ready to shake things up? Are you ready to do and feel something different? Let’s clear out the cobwebs (those of you who know me from childhood just flashed Drop Dead Fred in your mind!) and let’s help you believe in YOU again!

It’s time to start trusting your path!

Photo by Max Ostrozhinskiy on Unsplash