I didn’t really know what to expect.  I prepared a quick list of possible questions just in case and gave myself firm instructions to release and let go of what the session had to offer.  Any expectations I had were not only met but were exceeded.

Gabriela created a safe and comfortable space right from the start.  Being miles away in different countries I was curious if our energies could connect, and they did.  The session lead itself naturally and I felt free from filling in any “back story” or “evidence” to my questions as she was connecting with the deepest parts of me.  My spirit knows and required no justification and support for the questions I asked.  There were strong emotions and sensations that arose throughout the reading.  Everything Gabriela connected and shared held a deep truth for me.  What I am most grateful for is the reassurance and practical suggestions for ways to support my growth that were provided.  There was more than a confirmation.  I left feeling great and with actionable steps, I could choose to pursue.  These actions have been serving me well and I find myself reverting back to them when things start to get bumpy again.