I completed Gabriela’s meditation class one time and enjoyed it so much I re-enrolled to take it a second time. I really enjoyed the personal interactive approach of the classes. There were many different learning modalities offered including: Engaging Openers each week, personal and heartfelt videos from the instructor, and additional supplemental material by week (Ted Talks, UTube Supplemental content, etc.) The class was designed in such a way that you read from the homework assignments, post a  quick discussion piece, delve deeper into study topics by week, and then finish off with your meditation practice and reflection time. I really enjoyed this approach because I think meditation can be intimidating for some people. The content and format was so easy that I was quickly able to jump in and try out many different types of meditations that I have continued to use well after the class was over. I really appreciate Gabriela‘s Teaching style and would recommend this class to anyone that would like to: learn more about how to meditate, get additional practice in their personal Meditation studies, or a person seeking self-reflection. This course is a great way to conduct some soul searching and get to know yourself on a much deeper level.