My Akashic Record session was so lovely! Gabriela guided me into my soul, and in the very first question I had full body shivers and chills – she reflected my truth back to me so powerfully and clearly, that my whole being resonated.

Answers came forward to me clearly. There were so many nuggets of powerful + practical wisdom. I was able to move into forgiveness for things I didn’t even fully understand. Working with Gabby was soul-illuminating, and I deeply appreciated every moment! Would highly recommend it if you’re looking for soul clarity and answers to your questions.

If you are on the fence about booking a session, I say do it! Gabriela has a gentle, informative, and soothing energy that guides you into the session – even if you have no idea what the Akashic records are, she explains the mechanics behind this session – you feel so safe and held in this container.