Do you dread walking into the office on Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday…) and are exhausted by the end of each day? (Who am I kidding, you are exhausted by lunchtime!)



Is your inbox flooded with lackluster and generic job postings from LinkedIn and recruiters that all lead to a dead end? (No, you are not interested in selling knives door-to-door!)



Have you put your dreams of having a fulfilling life, as defined by you, on the back burner, in favor of keeping the boss man happy? (Sure, I’ll work on my vacation! My pleasure!)



Wonderful! You are in the right place!



Hi! I’m Gabriela. And I know exactly how you feel. 

Not too long ago, I was sitting in my corner office overlooking downtown Minneapolis, working a million hours a day to justify earning my six figure salary (hello not enough-ness!), putting the law firm’s needs before my own. The money was wonderful and so were the perks, but I was drained.


I was burned out. I was also cranky, irritable, and exhausted.


I felt like something was missing, like somehow I wasn’t doing the work I was meant to do. But I hushed that nagging feeling that something was missing because I “had it all”.  I had the corporate job, the corner office, the six figure salary, the assistant, the fancy dinners, the important cases …


I had the iconic definition of success.


I had “made it” according to society.


Even though I had the money, the career, the “dream”, I was crying myself to sleep on Sunday nights. I was dreading the elevator ride up to the 25th floor on Monday mornings. I was living off caffeine, sugar, and fancy meals. I was gaining weight and losing sleep. I was riddled with anxiety and self-doubt.  I was losing myself at the expense of trying to please everyone around me.

If you are anything like me, you’ve tried everything imaginable to try to find the “answer” or to “fix” the situation so you can feel more satisfied, fulfilled and happy. I applied to every job under the sun. (I have over 200 resumes and cover letters on my laptop!) I spent countless hours looking for an external source that would make me happy. I tried sucking it up and forcing myself to go to work every day because, heck, I had “made it”!


The guilt and shame crept up on me.


I felt guilty because I wasn’t happy where I was. “Shouldn’t I be happy?” “Why am I not happy?” “Gosh, I’m so selfish for not feeling happier! I have it all!” From the outside looking in, I had it all. But from the inside looking out, I felt empty.

I felt ashamed because what would people think of me? What would they say when they found out I left my corner office in the ivory tower, turned down my six-figure salary, and gave the expense account away? Voluntarily?! How would I face the world?

I felt like a total failure. I was devastated. I felt alone and scared. I had the weight of failure and tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt crushing on me. I had no idea what to do next or who to turn to for help.

So, I did the only thing I knew how to do. I kept searching the job boards and I kept applying for jobs.  I kept believing that if only I changed my external landscape, everything would be better.

You probably have hundreds of resumes and cover letters on your computer, spent countless hours browsing jobs online, and lost tons of sleep thinking about going to work on Monday.

If your story is anything like mine, you know that simply searching for another job doesn’t always work. On paper, I had great credentials and was able to find new jobs fairly easily. The newness of the job was exciting. I had a chance to do it over, to do it better. But that quickly faded and the Sunday nights blues showed up again, this time stronger than before.


Why was I still suffering from the Sunday Night Blues?


I got a new job, changed my office, and changed my boss. The answer is simple: it’s because I simply put a band-aid on the problem. I simply changed the location of my office but never actually addressed the real issues. All I did was change how the outside looked and I totally ignored what was going on on the inside. I ignored my true feelings, thoughts and passions. I ignored myself.  


I call it the #sameshitdifferentoffice epidemic.


Let’s be honest. We spend more time in our jobs/careers than we do anywhere else, one-third of our lives, to be exact. Yet, 70% of workers are not satisfied with their jobs. SEVENTY PERCENT. That’s astounding. And, you know it’s true because Friday afternoon happy hour always turns into a “who hates their job more” complaining session. 



What if there was a way out?


Are you tired of working with headhunters that are just trying to fill quotas? Are you tired of trying to contort yourself to fit into a job description that feels nothing like who you truly are? Are you tired of doing things the old way?



Let’s try something new.


Let’s try listening to yourself.



C’mon, Gabriela. Really? That’s the secret? Listening to myself?


I know what you are thinking. My left-brained, analytical self thought the exact same thing. I didn’t see how that could possibly work. But then again, I felt like I was at my rock bottom like I had tried everything else under the job-hunting sun and nothing seemed to work. So I gave it a shot. I opened myself up just a little bit to the idea that I could actually have the answers I was seeking inside of me. I opened myself up just a little bit to believe that I could be the mentor I was looking for. I gave myself a chance.


So, I (begrudgingly) tried listening to myself.
(Well, the idea of what I thought listening to myself looked like.)


Picture this. Me, sitting in lotus pose, forcing my eyes closed. My internal conversation when something like this:

Ok, G, focus.

Focus? On what?

On inner peace, on meditating. On bliss. On emptying your thoughts.

All I can think about is my empty stomach. Oh, man. I’m hungry. I’m tired. How long do I have to do this?

G, bring it back. You need to do this for as long as it takes. This is what you need to listen to yourself. This is how you get all the answers.

If this is what listening to myself feels like, I don’t want to do it.


Then, I’d get up, make some popcorn, and put on Say Yes to the Dress.


Sound familiar? I bet it does.


The truth is you DO know how to listen to yourself.

You’ve just forgotten how.



I too forgot how to listen to myself and as a result, I allowed others to tell me what would be best for me. I effectively silenced my inner voice and kept doing things to please everyone else, even though it was making me exhausted, sick, and just plain grumpy.



Then, I found the way out.


As a result of my own transformation process, I was inspired to create The Guided Career for women just like me, just like you, to help ease the transition.



My clients come to me because they are ready to make a change. They tell me that:


In short, they are exhausted and stressed about their current situation and have no idea where to begin.



Let me tell you something.
I see you. I have been you. I am you.

A series of events (cue the non-social media highlight reel: quitting the large law firm, cutting my salary in half, joining a start-up that failed, being asked to compromise my integrity in a job, “quitting” law, and going to work in retail, moving to a new state only to be fired four months later, moving back to Minnesota with no job and no self-confidence, quitting a job during maternity leave without having a new one in place, being told by a hiring professional that I had too many jobs and “my resume would never get picked from the pile”, being rejected by countless “dream” jobs, taking on a two-hour commute for a contract job, and quitting the law and coming back to it several times,) led me to say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, there HAS to be another way to make my dreams come true!”


And that’s when it happened, I took that one bold, brave (and scary!) step and opened myself up to receive support.


That support:


Since starting on this transformational journey,

I left my full-time law practice, worked with life-changing and powerful coaches to up-level my entire life, gained clarity on how I desire to live my life, started a coaching business, created a podcast, wrote an illustrated book, traveled all over the world to attend healing and empowering retreats and conferences, trained to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.


And most importantly, I am feeling more like myself than ever before.



This is a process The truth is you will experience growing pains as you face parts of yourself that you have silenced and ignored for a very long time. And, you will experience miraculous shifts as you realign with yourself.

This process is totally worth it. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say THANK YOU to myself, my coaches, God, and life for giving me the teachers, tools, and means to say YES to my own life.

This process begins with you. The Guided Career holds the fiery energy of transformation. That means you will walk through the fire and come out the other side cleansed and renewed. You will be more yourself than you have in a very long time. And yes, you will walk through the fire. And yes, I will be there every step of the way to witness, nurture, and support you.



In this powerful group environment, you will:



And it all comes in a gorgeous group program, with me as your guide.



Here’s how it works:



Total Value: Over $1500 per month.



Your cost:


$97 per month*




$250 for three months


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If this is speaking to you, please listen.


This is a unique collaboration of souls, coming together to support, uplift, and most importantly, keep each other inspired and motivated as you face (and thrive!) during your career transition.



Let’s take the concept of “job hunting” and give it some soul and magic.
It’s time to be led to the career (and life) of your dreams!


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In awe of all that you are and all that you are choosing to become,