Living “The Guided Life”

The energy of the last couple of days has been palpable. We’ve been building up to today’s new moon and old patterns have been resurfacing to be released and healed.

And let me tell you, I’ve been in it.

One of my biggest patterns is not feeling good enough. Whenever I share this with my mom, she always says, “I’m not really sure where you got that from, I always thought you were the ‘perfect’ child.” I mention this story because sometimes we don’t know why we feel the way we feel. It may be nature, or nurture, or something else entirely, yet those feelings are there and they are valid. So please don’t fret if you can’t pinpoint the exact event that created a “trauma” for you. In the end, it may not be as important as we think it should be.

So in this pattern of not feeling good enough, I’ve experienced a proverbial rabbit hole. You know, your mind starts off on one thing and before you know it you’ve gone deeper down the hole than Alice ever did.

This time around it was insecurities about my purpose in life. That big question that we are always striving to discover the answer to. I had an electric and invigorating January, new experiences, new clients, joy, fun, re-awakening my children’s book, and incredible and abundant support. I felt on and on fire. It felt really good.

February has (as I check-in at the halfway point) been a month of rest. It’s been feeling challenging to rest after building up incredible momentum in my business (a/k/a my “purpose” in life) and my monkey mind lead me straight to the rabbit hole. Everything has slowed down considerably and everywhere I look I’m being shown signs of rest, yet, I was fighting the guidance because I wanted to create another month like January.

See, I felt so “on purpose” in January because I was on fire. I felt like I was really getting somewhere in life and in business because of all the activity and excitement and inspiration that seemed to be everywhere. Somehow, my mind convinced me that I was not on purpose in February because of the lack of activity and excitement and inspiration.

So today, I take this time to reflect and share with you some wisdom around one of life’s biggest questions: “What is my purpose in life?”

I asked my friend Tyla a question: “How do you know if you are meant to have a business?” You can insert whatever word you desire instead of business: career, relationship, dream house, dog … And her reply was succinct and deep: “You’ll know you are meant to have one when you have one.”


And here’s where we get a bit more practical. I’ll have a business/career/relationship/dog when I have one … makes sense. So how do I get there? The answer is simple and complex at the same time:

You decide to live a guided life.

A guided life, a life lead by your intuition, a life where you pay attention to the signs around you and act, with fierceness and integrity, on that which feels damn good to you. (This month the signs have been rest … I was fighting rest!)

I can feel the questions rolling around in your brain: How do I know what to trust? How do I know what feels good? How do I know when to keep going and when to let go? How do I … know?

Friend, if I had all the answers to your questions I’d have my own shrine on the moon with millions making there way up there in pilgrimage to honor me and my incredible wisdom. Someday … for now, though, know that the answer to all these questions is the same answer that prompted them: you live a guided life.

In each moment, you listen to yourself a little more closely. You practice trusting your intuition/gut/inner wisdom and see what happens. Regardless of how amazing or how uncomfortable the situation you were guided into feels, there is gold in that experience for you, and you’ll know if you are meant to go searching for that gold or not.

As I re-read the above paragraph, I smile at Life. The answer is we practice living a guided life. I smile because I went through years of training to become a lawyer, yet, the profession is called the practice if law. I practiced law everyday for almost ten years, and I know I didn’t master most of it. The same applies to living a guided life. If we desire to live a life that is most aligned with who we truly are, then we must practice, everyday. Yep, every day.

This will look differently for you than it will for me. It will look differently for your spouse or kids or pet, too. And I believe that when we, as a society, can learn to honor the beauty of each path, that is when we will truly be able to honor our own.

Your path is brilliant and unique and totally valuable. And it is my absolute hope that each day you’ll learn to trust your path that much more so you can move into your purpose by living a life guided by your own wisdom, always.

In awe of you,


PS:  And while that feels like a lovely conclusion, it feels important to share that your purpose in life is NOT a business or a career or a pet or a spouse or a dream house on the beach.

The purpose of YOUR life is YOU

And you accomplish that purpose beautifully, in every moment of every day. Way to go you!