The New Firm 38

This is Thirty-Eight

Well, hello there 38. I’m so glad you are here!

Perhaps it’s the invigorating energy of this most recent new moon, but I’m seriously loving the energy that I am feeling around this birthday.

Today, I’m honoring how far I have come since I was, well, born. It feels important to document this experience for myself and for others who may benefit from the wisdom I’ve acquired so far.

One of my biggest foes is the fact that I don’t always believe in myself, in other words, the feeling(s) of not being enough. I’ve shared a few experiences around this on my blog and somedays it totally baffles me that after all the work and soul-searching and growth that I have done that this can still be my Achilles Heel. It kinda makes me mad because I feel like shouting, “come on! what else do I have to dooooo?!?!”

I bet the Universe just smiles because simply shouting that request holds the answer already. “You don’t have to DO anything, you just have to BE.”

Sure, have a laugh at my expense. In fact, I’ll join you.

How many of you have, over and over again, had experiences that seem to teach you the same lesson? Hint, hint … resolving that issue is likely your mission on this Earth. And, it may also be your service to this world. And, it will likely take your whole life to “resolve”. So settle in, friend, and enjoy the ride!

It’s no wonder then, that on the day of my 38th year, I received cards in the mail with gorgeous reflections of who I am. I read these cards and think to myself, “wow, this person is pretty amazing!” and then I SEE that¬†that person is, in fact, ME.

My friends and family see me as BRAVE. They ask me to keep shining my light. Time and time again they share how proud they are of me. They tell me that they love that I always go for my dreams and make them come true. I’ve had countless e-mails and social media comments that share how my words and sacred work has impacted them in some way. I get some of the best hugs in the whole entire world and flowers and presents on my birthday. And to top it all off, I get cards in the mail, like the one quoted below, from my best mom, and you know it’s all true because mom always knows best.

She shares:

“You are sincere, creative, innovative, honest, kind, purposeful, clear-thinking, steadfast, well-spoken, polite, brave, intuitive, patient, motivating, practical, resourceful, imaginative, cuddly, sweet (most of the time), orderly (almost always), brave, inspiring and BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for always making me proud of you!”

Awww, shucks Mom.

This is the world I live in. Showered with love and kindness and beautiful words like this. So today, as I welcome my 38th year of life on this incredible place called Earth, I will make one wish as I blow out my candles:

…to see myself, everyday, how you see me…

Thank you dear friends, followers, loved ones, and anyone that has ever touched my life, for being so incredibly kind and generous. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for being an incredible mirror so I can see myself more clearly. And today, I vow to take your words and etch them into my heart so that I never, ever doubt my ability to be my truest self again.

Happy Birthday to me!