Thrive, Don’t Just Survive

It’s pretty empowering when you can just throw your hands up in the air and yell “I QUIT” as you exit your office, leaving everyone with their mouths agape. But, chances are you can’t (or don’t want to). And, if you want my opinion, that’s not a graceful way to make an exit.

So. Here you are. You can’t (or don’t want to) quit. At least not right now. What do you do? Based on my MANY experiences with different places of employment, I’ve put together a list that I hope you will find helpful.

How to Thrive, Not Just Survive Your Job

:: Treat the job with respect and create a new perspective.

:: Create an enjoyable space to work in by adding green, good lighting, pictures, and if your employer is amenable, ask for accommodations like a stand up desk to create a more enjoyable space.

:: Always have something to look forward to, for example, schedule pleasurable activities during lunch or after work.

:: Establish a good morning routine and set the tone for your day, for example, consistent wake up time, light stretching, good breakfast . . . whatever feels good to you.

:: Establish a good bedtime routine to end your day well, for example, consistent bed time, a good book, 5 minutes of gratitude for your day.

:: By having a great morning and evening ritual, you guarantee that you will start and end your day well, regardless of what happens in the middle.

:: Take a moment to honor what your job provides you:  stability, income, experience, exercise for your brain . . .

:: Practice strategy:  how can this job serve you now? How can it help you build a foundation for later?How can you use this as a stepping stone to your next opportunity?

:: Find a buddy or colleague and engage in face-to-face contact. Humans need interaction. Go for a walk, share a meal, or just a 5 minute chat.

:: Use the job as “paid for” education: learn as much as you can from every experience; attend conferences, webinars, meetings; network as much as you can; learn, learn, learn! Appreciate getting paid to learn.

:: Take advantage of ALL the benefits your employer offers: 401K matching, tuition reimbursement, trainings, and so on. Don’t leave any benefit behind!

:: Build an active savings plan:  see the fruits of your labor adding up.  Need help?  Try this free app.

:: Create awareness around what you want in a job. For example, it’s easy to list things we like (I love company retreats at the spa!) about our jobs, but we have more non-spa days than spa days. So take this opportunity to identify what pains you are willing to endure at your job and which ones you are willing to carry forward into a new employment opportunity.

:: Re-frame your current employment situation.  Need ideas?  Read this:  hobby, job, career, or vocation?

Remember, it’s one step at a time. Soon, you’ll have your own graceful career transition plan. I’m cheering you on!


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Photo Credit:  www.athenapelton.com