Together We Create

I distinctly remember a time when I created one of my first Facebook groups. As I wrote out the description of the group, I wrote “this is a group for all-minded people.” No like-mindedness allowed here!

I deliberately and intentionally wrote it that way because I had grown tired of hearing people say “like-minded people” as a way to qualify who could be a part of a group.

Whenever I saw those words in the description of a group or community, I rolled my eyes and thought, geez, I guess they only want people who think exactly as they do … what’s the point in that?

Well, today I see things differently.

And while I still think we need all kinds of minded-people, today I truly saw what a group of like-minded strangers can do. And let me tell you folks, it is nothing short of magical.

Tonight is my last night at this transformational 4 day workshop. I have learned so much over the last few days. And what’s more important is that I have created very powerful visual reflections of my values, dreams, plans, and ideas so that I can take them back to Illinois and continue to spread this powerful work in my community.

Today, strangers became friends. I listened while they shared stories of how they want to show up in this world. I saw tears that had been living just under the surface, waiting to make themselves known and highlight a specific dream or desire. I saw multiple lightbulbs going on with ideas that, mark my words, will make an impact on this world.

And here’s the thing. These like-minded people are also all-minded. They have a variety of missions, purposes and goals.  They come from many backgrounds and experiences and hold a variety of different positions at their respective institutions.They challenged me, us, and most importantly, themselves to go deeper than they ever have before.

And herein lies where this group of all-minded people became like-minded.

I now see that like-minded doesn’t mean 30 different bodies being asked to share one mind, one thought or one idea. Our like-mindedness comes from the fact that we all agree that we are here to serve the world and the only way we are going to do that in a meaningful and impactful way is if we transform into the best and most authentic versions of ourselves. Our like-mindedness brought us all here, at this exact place and time, to inspire and empower each other to create our one best life.


And that’s how, Together. We. Create.


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash