Alvaro Serrano for Unsplash

Do you know what “it” means?


Whenever my coach asked me what I wanted to create for myself, I would confidently answer “peace”.

I know it in my heart and in my bones that a truly successful life, to me, means a peaceful life. Yet, peace continues to elude me.

Until now.

Here’s what happened that changed everything for me.

But first, a little history (because, in order to live a truly joyous life, I believe we must process our past).

When I was a child, I was the peace-maker. I did everything I was supposed to do in order to keep the peace. I wanted to make sure that everyone felt good and that nothing disturbed the peace, even if that was at my own expense.

For years and years, that became my definition of peace. And, that definition is what my heart and body recognized.

Fast forward several years to the conversation where my coach asked me what I desire to create in my life.

My heart and body reached back into their memory and held on to the only definition of peace they knew, “peace-maker”. Peace meant sacrificing my own voice, desires, and dreams to make other happy . . . to keep the peace.

Amazing, right?

It’s truly no wonder at all why, when I asked for peace in my life, I got something completely different than what I thought I was asking for. And, it’s no wonder that I felt like peace, the peace I desired, eluded me.

Upon having this realization, I instantly felt a wave of relief wash over me. “I finally get it, I finally see!” And I finally know why I wasn’t feeling the peace that I desired to feel … I was holding on to an outdated definition, a definition I had not yet fully processed, until now.

In that moment, I smiled and simply said, “thank you, I release you.” And boy was I ready to release that old definition of peace!

Peace means something completely different to me at this stage in my life. I’m so grateful that I was open to receive and process this realization so that I could finally acknowledge and define for myself what peace means to me, NOW.

What feeling is eluding you?

Take a moment to reflect upon what that feeling has meant to you in the past. Doing so will unlock the secret that will allow you to process your past and embrace the new definition of the feeling you desire.

Words carry specific energies and vibrations. Dust off that dictionary and let’s (re)define (insert feeling here!) together!